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9 月

什麼是 Blog ?

用了幾天的 Blog,對於Blog的定義,歷史由來和運用還不是很了解.

經過阿凱的幫忙,找到了 Jedi’s Blog.



9 月

台灣微軟年度盛會「Microsoft TechEd 技術研討會」,將於2004年10月5(二)~10月7日(四)連續三天,假台北國際會議中心舉行。

台灣微軟年度盛會「Microsoft TechEd 技術研討會」,將於2004年10月5(二)~10月7日(四)連續三天,假台北國際會議中心舉行。

台灣自1995年首辦以來歷經10年,一直是國內最具指標性、最大規模的技術研討會,每年均吸引一千多人參與此盛會。 Microsoft TechEd Taiwan,不僅承襲美國TechEd 的一貫風格與水準,並邀請國內外優秀團隊參與,去年成功的吸引了共計約1818名程式開發者及 IT 專業人員等相關人士參與,共同研討 Microsoft 的產品技術發展與應用、交流意見,激發思考,討論最前瞻的技術趨勢。

微軟的講師群、專業技術顧問群及產品經理將全部出動,親自為學員講解,全面展現微軟的新產品新技術。 現場展出微軟合作夥伴及多家國內外知名廠商現場展出解決方案,與會人員並能親自動手體驗新產品新技術,面對面與微軟的專家對談,參與全方位微軟技術專家競賽。三天超過60個講題,豐富紮實的技術內容,讓企業及個人在未來一年保持資訊領先的優勢。

軟體平台架構 (Architecture)

企業生產力解決方案 (Business Productivity Solution)

資料管理 (Data Management)

開發工具與技術 (Developer Tools and Technologies)

電子商務 (E-Business)

行動運算 (Mobility)

管理技術與營運架構 (Management and Operations)

訊息與協同合作 (Messaging)

Windows基礎架構解決方案 (Windows Infrastructure Solution)

資訊安全 (Security)

9 月



  • Reiser4 is the fastest filesystem, and here are the benchmarks.

  • Reiser4 is an atomic filesystem, which means that your filesystem operations either entirely occur, or they entirely don’t, and they don’t corrupt due to half occuring. We do this without significant

    performance losses, because we invented algorithms to do it without copying the data twice.

  • Reiser4 uses dancing trees, which obsolete the balanced tree algorithms used in databases (see farther down). This makes Reiser4 more space efficient than other filesystems because we squish small files together rather than wasting space due to block alignment like they do. It also means that Reiser4 scales better than any other filesystem. Do you want a million files in a directory, and want to create them fast? No problem.

  • Reiser4 is based on plugins, which means that it will attract many outside contributors, and you’ll be able to upgrade to their innovations without reformatting your disk. If you like to code, you’ll really like plugins….

  • Reiser4 is architected for military grade security. You’ll find it is easy to audit the code, and that assertions guard the entrance to every function.

V3 of reiserfs is used as the default filesystem for SuSE, Lindows, FTOSX, Libranet, and Gentoo. We don’t touch the V3 code except to fix a bug, and as a result we don’t get bug reports for the current mainstream kernel version. It shipped before the other journaling filesystems for Linux, and is the most stable of them as a result of having been out the longest. We must caution that just as Linux 2.6 is not yet as stable as Linux 2.4, it will also be some substantial time before V4 is as stable as V3.

9 月

活動:讓愛傳出去, Gmail 大方送

剛剛在阿凱的Blog看到一個蠻有意義的活動… 讓愛傳出去




目前我手上還有四個 Gmail 的 invitation

如果你希望收到我發給你 Gmail invite 就請你多多響應這個活動 🙂