Zend Studio 4 即將在2005/2/23上市

Zend Studio 4 即將在2005/2/23上市

:item2: Zend Studio 4 – Professional:

Zend Studio 4 Professional speeds development cycles and simplifies complex projects through a comprehensive set of editing, debugging, analysis and optimization tools.

It is designed with business application development needs in mind and is the perfect development environment for developers creating robust database applications with PHP.

Delivering the ease-of-use, scalability, reliability, and extensibility that professional developers need, Zend Studio 4 Professional includes:

    :item1: Integrated Database Components and Tools for complete connectivity to IBM DB2/Coudscape/Derby, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server.

    :item1: PHPDoc and PHPDocumentor Support.

    :item1: Robust Advanced Debugger, Secure Remote Debugging & One-click Browser Debugging.

    :item1: Over 50 Sample Database Applications in PHP, PHP 4 and PHP 5.

    :item1: Project Wizards, Code Templates & more than 100 Code Snippets.

    :item1: SFTP, FTP over SSH and improved FTP for secure remote uploading and debugging.

    :item1: Tight CVS Integration, Site Profiler & Rich Interface.

    :item1: Integration with Zend Platform for real time feedback on code and script performance on a live server.

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