6 月


AAMOF as a matter of fact (事實上)

AAR at any rate (無論如何)

ADN any day now (隨時)

AFAIK as far as I know (據我所知)

AFK away from keyboard (暫時離開鍵盤)

AFKBRB away from keyboard, be right back (暫時離開鍵盤,馬上回來)

ASAP as soon as possible (盡快)

A/S/L age/sex/location (年齡、性別、住址)

B2W back to work (回去工作了)

B4N (或 BFN) bye for now (暫時聊到這裡)

BAK back at keyboard (我回來了)

BBL be back later (稍後回來)

BBS be back soon (馬上回來)

BCNU be seeing you (再見)

BF (或 B/F) boyfriend (男朋友)

BMN but maybe not (也許不)

BRB be right back (馬上回來)

BTDT been there, done that (順利達成任務)

BTDTBTT been there, done that, bought the tape (順利達成任務,買到了錄音帶)

BTDTGTTS been there, done that, got the t–shirt (順利達成任務,拿到了 T 恤)

BTDTGTTSAWIO been there, done that, got the t–shirt, and wore it out (順利達成任務,拿到了 T 恤,又穿破了)

BTW by the way (順便提一下)

BYKT but you knew that (可是你早就知道了)

CIO cut it out (算了)

CMIIW correct me if I’m wrong (我沒有把握)

CU (或 CYA) see you (再見)

CUL (或 CUL8R) see you later (待會見)

DIY do it yourself (自己來)

DYJHIW don’t you just hate it when (難道你不討厭這樣嗎)

EAK eating at keyboard (離不開鍵盤)

EOL end of lecture (演講結束)

EOM end of message (訊息結束)

F2F (或 FTF) face to face (面對面)

FAPP for all practical purposes (實際上就是)

FOFL (或 FOTFL) falling on the floor laughing (笑倒在地)

FTR for the record (列入記錄)

FWIW for what it’s worth (不論真假)

FYA for your amusement (開玩笑的啦)

FYEO for your eyes only (限收件者閱讀)

FYI for your information (供你參考)

g (或 ) grin (微笑)

G (或 ) big grin (較大的微笑)

G2G (或 GTG) got to go (我要走了)

GAL get a life (別來煩我了)

GD&H grinning, ducking, and hiding (微笑、閃避,然後躲起來)

GD&R grinning, ducking, and running (微笑、閃避,然後逃走)

GD&RVVF grinning, ducking, and running, very, very fast (微笑、閃避,然後快速逃走)

GF (或 G/F) girlfriend (女朋友)

GG gotta go 或 good game (我要走了,或這個遊戲不錯)

GIWIST gee, I wish I said that (早知道,那樣說就好了)

GMTA great minds think alike (英雄所見略同)

GoAT go away, troll (走開,滾開)

HAK hugs and kisses (擁抱及親吻)

HAGD have a great day (祝你有美好的一天)

HAND have a nice day (祝你今天愉快)

HEH a courtesy laugh (禮貌的微笑)

HHOS ha–ha, only serious (哈哈,只是開個玩笑)

HTH hope this helps 或 hope that helps (希望這樣有用)

IAE in any event (無論任何情況)

HW homework 或 hardware (家庭作業或硬體)

IANAL I am not a lawyer (我又不是律師)

IC I see (原來如此)

ICBW I could be wrong 或 it could be worse (我可能錯了,或情況可能更糟)

IDTS I don’t think so (我不這麼認為)

IINM if I’m not mistaken (如果我判斷得沒錯)

IIRC if I recall correctly (如果我記得沒錯)

IIUC if I understand correctly (如果我了解得沒錯)

IMCO in my considered opinion (根據我的審慎判斷)

IME in my experience (根據我的經驗)

IMHO in my humble opinion (依我個人淺見)

IMNSHO in my not–so–humble opinion (恕我直言)

IMO in my opinion (依我看來)

IOW in other words (換句話說)

IRL in real life (現實生活)

ISTM it seems to me (我認為)

ISWYM I see what you mean (我了解你的意思)

ITRW in the real world (在現實生活中)

J (或 ) joking (開個玩笑)

JC just chillin’ (只是有點失望)

JIC just in case (以防萬一)

JK (或 J/K) just kidding 或 that was a joke (只是開個玩笑罷了)

JTYWTK just thought you wanted to know (只是以為你想知道)

JW just wondering (只是有點好奇)

K okay (好)

KWIM know what I mean? (你了解我的意思嗎?)

L (或 ) laughing (大笑)

L8R later (稍後)

LJBF let’s just be friends (讓我們作個朋友吧)

LOL laughing out loud (放聲大笑)

LTNS long time no see (好久不見)

MHBFY my heart bleeds for you (我也為你感到難過)

MHOTY my hat’s off to you (我要脫帽向你致敬)

MOTAS member of the appropriate sex (適當性別的人)

MOTD message of the day (每日提示)

MYOB mind your own business (別多管閒事)

NBD no big deal (沒什麼大不了)

NBIF no basis in fact (沒有根據)

NOYB none of your business (不關你的事)

NP no problem (沒問題)

NRN no response necessary 或 no reply necessary (不需要答覆)

OIC oh, I see (噢!我知道了)

OM oh my 或 old man, as in husband (我的天,或老頭)

OOI out of interest (沒有興趣)

OOTB out of the box (立即可用的)

OTL out to lunch (外出用餐)

OTOH on the other hand (另一方面)

OTTH on the third hand (第三手的)

PAW parents are watching (父母監視中)

PC politically correct (政治立場正確)

PDA public display of affection (公開表示親暱)

PEST please excuse slow typing (我的打字速度很慢,請多包涵)

PI (或 PIC) politically incorrect (政治立場不正確)

PKB (或 P/ K/B) pot, kettle, black 或 pot calling the kettle black (五十步笑百步)

PMBI pardon my butting in (請原諒我插入)

PMFJI pardon me for jumping in (請原諒我闖入)

POS parent over shoulder 或 parents over shoulder (父母在背後監視)

POV point of view (觀點)

PPL people (人)

PTB powers that be (當權者)

R (或 r) are (是)

REHI re–hello (following a short time away) 或 hi again (我又回來了)

RFC request for comment (請指教)

RL real life (現實生活)

ROTFL rolling on the floor laughing (捧腹大笑)

ROTFLOL rolling on the floor laughing out loud (笑得直不起腰)

S smile (微笑)

SCNR sorry, could not resist (對不起,我忍不住)

SITD still in the dark (仍不明朗)

SOP standard operating procedure (標準作業程序)

SPMD some people may differ (有些人可能不同)

SUP what’s up? (有什麼事?)

TBE to be expected (敬請期待)

THX (或 TX) thanks (謝謝)

TIA thanks in advance (先謝了)

TANJ there ain’t no justice (簡直沒有公理)

TIC tongue–in–cheek (隨便說說罷了)

TPHB the pointy–haired boss (禿頭老闆)

TPTB the powers that be (當權者)

TTBOMK to the best of my knowledge (就我所知)

TTFN ta–ta for now (再見)

TTYL talk to you later (待會再談)

TVM thanks very much (非常謝謝)

TVMIA thanks very much in advance (在此先多謝了)

TYVMIA thank you very much in advance (在此先謝謝你了)

U you (你)

UW you’re welcome (不客氣)

VBG (或 ) very big grin (非常大的微笑)

WB welcome back (歡迎回來)

WCD what’s cookin’ doc? (在忙什麼?)

WHBT we have been trolled (早就告訴過我們了)

WOA work of art (簡直是藝術極品)

WRT with regard to (或 with respect to) (很榮幸)

WTG way to go (做得好)

WTH what the heck? (這是什麼東西?)

Y (或 ) yawning (打呵欠)

YHBT you have been told 或 you have been trolled (早就告訴過你了)

YHBW you have been warned (早就警告過你了)

YHGMTPOTG you have greatly misinterpreted the purpose of this group (你太過扭曲人家的意思了)

YHM you have mail (你有信)

YMMV your mileage may vary (你的消費量可能不一樣)

YOYO you’re on your own (你得靠自己了)

YWSYLS you win some, you lose some (有得有失)

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