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Cabin Price (CAD)

Price (USD)***

Double Occupancy Conference Package



Single Occupancy Conference Package



Double Occupancy Companion Package**



Student/Academia/Non-profit Double

Occupancy Conference Package****



Child Companion Package (0 – 4 years)



Child Companion Package (4 – 17 years)



* On sale! Early bird is in effect until February 28th

** Companion fare: this fare is ideal for family members who want to take advantage of the resort, but are not interested in the conference itself. It provides one or more companions with accommodation in the same room as the primary conference attendee. No conference access is included, and this package can only be purchased together with at least one full conference/resort package.

*** US Pricing is approximate. Your account will be charged in Canadian funds and, due to variations in the exchange rates that are beyond our control, your actual charge may vary slightly either way.

**** Special pricing for non-profit organizations and students/academia only. Student/Faculty member/Faculty staff ID or proof of non-profit status is required and must be faxed to our offices prior to the beginning of the conference. We reserve the right of refusing admission to attendee who do not comply with this rule.

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