MySQL Certification news: version 5.0 exams now available in Beta

MySQL Certification news: version 5.0 exams now available in Beta


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* The MySQL 5.0 Certification Program

* MySQL 5.0 Beta Exams are Available

* Discounts on MySQL 5.0 Beta exams

* Study Guide for MySQL 5.0 Certification

* We’re hiring!

* Contacting the MySQL Certification Team

The MySQL certification program is continually growing, and almost

every single month we certify more people than we did the month

before. It’s great to see the growing acceptance of the MySQL

certification program, we now have certified MySQL users in 52

countries on six continents. (Yes, only six — We know that MySQL is

in use in Antarctica, but if anyone there is certified, they’re not

telling us their address there :-).

Below is a quick overview of what is going on with the MySQL

certification program right now. Many changes are taking place, and

if you haven’t done so in the past couple of months, I strongly

encourage you to pay a visit to

— we have had many updates and added much new information.

The MySQL 5.0 Certification Program


MySQL has become a very advanced product with the release of MySQL

5.0, and so have many of our users. For that reason, the structure

of the MySQL certification program has changed completely. On our

certification web pages, we provide an overview of the new

certification structure:

To better understand the changes that have taken place, or if you

are wondering if MySQL 4 or MySQL 5.0 certification is the smarter

move right now, you should read the following pages:

MySQL 5.0 Beta Exams are Available


January saw the advent of the new MySQL 5.0 Developer exams, and in

just a few days you will be able to sign up for the MySQL 5.0 DBA

exams. Both of these exams are currently offered at “Beta” exams.

That an exam is in Beta basically means that

* There are more questions to answer

* You have more time to answer questions (both overall exam time as

well as time-per-question and overall exam time)

* If you’re quick, heavy discounts are available

* You do not receive immediate feedback on your score, but must many

weeks before you know if you have passed or failed.

A more detailed explanation of Beta exams is available on

Discounts on MySQL 5.0 Beta Exams


The quick movers among you can get Beta exams at half the price!

It’s easy, too: When you sign up for the certification exam at

Pearson VUE, just use the following discount codes to get 50% of the

exam price cut away on the spot:

Only a limited number of Beta exams are available. Registration and

testing will be closed as soon as we have received the required

number of exam results. Even if you have registered for a Beta exam,

you will not be able to take the exam once the exam is closed down.

Thus, you are strongly encouraged to register and test as early as

you can.

Exam: Discount Code:

003-001 – MySQL 5.0 Certified Developer-I Beta DevBeta05-1

004-001 – MySQL 5.0 Certified Developer-II Beta DevBeta05-2

005-001 – MySQL 5.0 Certified DBA-I Beta DBABeta05-1

006-001 – MySQL 5.0 Certified DBA-II Beta DBABeta05-2

Study Guide for MySQL 5.0 Certification


The Study Guide for MySQL 5.0 certification are already available at

your favorite bookstore – the ISBN is 0-672-32812-7.

Once again, Paul DuBois and Stefan Hinz have teamed up to write an

absolutely fantastic book, perfect for preparing for the exams. If

you don’t have the time to wait for MySQL training in your local

area, you should definitely get this book for your studies. We have

put a description of the book on

We’re hiring!


We’re busy expanding the MySQL certification program to include more

MySQL products, managing translations, updating our exams to match

the evolving features of the existing products, and much more. There

is much work to do, but too few heads and hands to put to the task

of doing all this!

So that’s why we’re looking for a technical writer to help us

develop and update our exams. What we’re looking for is a person who

has the right combination of excellent written English-language

skills, careful attention to details, and of course good working

knowledge of MySQL. If you have experience working with training

materials or testing, all the better!

And the best part of it all: You get to work from home! No need to

throw yourself at the mercy of the morning and evening rush-hours,

no irritating radio in the next cubicle. The downside is, of course,

that you’ll need to refill the coffee maker yourself.

For more details on this job, head on over to:

Contacting the MySQL Certification Team


Always: If you have any questions on the MySQL certification

program, do not hesitate to contact us. All inquiries should be sent

to [email protected]

Best regards – and good luck on your MySQL 5.0 exams!

/ Carsten

Carsten H. Pedersen, Certification Manager


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